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Blanca bought a drum kit to learn on. Alberto finds out, he goes in and both begin rehearsing in an old farmhouse in Alboraia (now a drying groundnut patch), smack dab in the middle of Valencia’s orchards. Philosophy professors and friends for years, the intuition, chemistry and fun had during these early sessions made the call for Césped de Verdad to participate in the remake of the legendary album by de Felpudo Tos and, by the end of the 2015 year, their self-titled first album was be released. After several tours around France and Spain, in 2018 Césped de verdad have released their second album, ‘Chusma ocre’.

Although hummable, Césped de Verdad’s songs are not sung, rather shouted, but careful. More than a incursion into punk, there is humor and political abstraction that give meaning to the material, from riff to riff, grinding out words to get the perfect slogan.

The great Borja Boscà (España, Portero regateador, Punk Floyd, etc) wisely informs us that -Césped de Verdad accurately represent the birth of the real renal colic of the universe where we live, here and now. And that with ‘Chusma ocre’ the colic gets even bigger and grows and keeps growing and keeps being sore for those used to peeing with ease, for those used to peeing yellow (…).