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  • 28 / 09 Ensaña CSA Las Vegas, Málaga

As a result of friendship and the desire to form a band in Madrid to make new music. That’s how Daniel Ardura (Alado sincera, Sonio) and María Sáenz (Zapatotipobota, Come’n Wait) got together with Álex Canales (Atapuerca Beach, Buguibún) to form Ensaña, where they deploy their own language with which they stretch the seams of rock to take us into a world of angular, beautiful and violent music that defines the trio as unique in its kind.

Ensaña’s music is made from amalgam metrical bases and with structures that progress in a surprising way but, at the same time, it is eminently melodic and of an exceptional harmonic richness. During the journey, we have the sensation of being immersed in a kind of dreamy avant-rock, where unusual counterpoint derivations are concatenated.

We could come to think that this type of compositions may have been conceived more as poetic (and political, of course) musical artifacts or as sophisticatedly punk pieces, rather than as songs in the usual sense. Plus Ensaña’s vocal discourse not only transgresses the laws of linear narrative, but also the voice itself behaves as an explicit instrument. We’re in front of a fascinating band.




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