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Pure present of avant-garde music in the Iberian peninsula (…)

Hulm is a band that makes improvised music from an absolutely personal vision, whose line-up includes Eduardo Pons (sax), Ernest Pipó (guitar) and Joan Torné (electronics).

With two albums released; their eponymous debut in 2021′ and ‘Do you have a minute?’ in 2022; as well as a piece of sound art included in the exhibition by Servando Rocha and Jordi Costa for the C.C.C.B, entitled ‘La máscara nunca miente’, the trio from Barcelona publishes now this third studio work called ‘Landfillandfillandfill’, which is a declaration of intentions: That is, landfill diving. Oxygen and immersion. To go down, down and down until reaching densities that alter perception, floating in a doughy and indefinite place where formal emptiness does not seem to exist and where hyperstimulus projects our sublimation to the limits of aesthetic asphyxia.

Hulm are pure present of avant-garde music in the Iberian peninsula and this album is the international surprise of 2023. Thank you for existing.