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With five albums and countless tours in Europe, Latin America and the United States behind him, the passing of the years has given Isasa the key to his own space, within the international instrumental guitar scene.

Emerging from the Iberian post-hardcore scene of the nineties (as a fundamental part of the seminal band A room with a view), after passing through the Rotterdam and Tilburg Conservatories, in 2015 Isasa finally debuted with the first of his five albums: that is, in 2015 ‘Las cosas’, in 2016 ‘Los días’, in 2019 ‘Insilio’ and in 2020 ‘Isasa’ and ‘Isasa y Córdoba’, the latter with Ignacio Córdoba.

His unmistakable and timeless rubric, along with the natural evolution of his work as each new edition sees the light, are the result of a deep exploration through the intimate recesses of memory. Exploration with which Isasa reveals little by little, partially and carefully -in chiaroscuro-, the refractory legacy of his vital and family experience to place it, melodic and courageous, before us. In doing so, he achieves the most difficult thing: to turn his life into music, to touch the universal.



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