Upcoming shows

  • 14 / 11 Jejeje Schokoladen, Berlin

With a split tape with Nunofyrbeeswax, released in 2021, and a forthcoming album to be released soon, Jejeje’s music is symbolist and impeccably elegant, but, as the onomatopoeia of their own name indicates, behind the hermetic first impression that minimalism usually produces, Jejeje hide an exceptional conceptual eloquence and evocative insight.

The Berlin trio, formed by Zutoia Ríos (Muerte y destrucción, El relevo alemán), Jordi Tost (Parmesano, Nunofyrbeeswax) and Itacate (Roto) elaborates a kind of melodically elusive art-rock, riding on monolithic and subtly twisted metrics which, as it unfolds, reveals a concise and anti-ornamental poetic sensibility.

Thus, with the utmost naturalness, as if it were not a matter of course, Jejeje manage to transcend the palette of post-punk contrasts and extract a hypnotising effect from hieratism. Their music transcends and delineates the trails that lead to paralysis.


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