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Neurotic kites is a studio project led by Joseph Hilferty (San Franciso, USA) who is able to summarize contemporary interests over pure, melodic, intimate, biographical and auto-biographical pop.

Surrounded by friends such as David Berenguer (Alado sincera, U-Tòpics), Toni Sistaré (Inot Eratsis, Ghandi rules OK), Oriol Soler (Ghandi rules OK, Alado sincera) and Gerard Vich (Palisandro), Hilferty released on 2010 his one and only album to date, entitled ‘Lives’.

Neurotic kites’ music achieves beauty by providing each song with golden frailty, there you can find echos from the subterranean 90‘s dream pop but what really matters is the simplicity to tell the most personal truth. Brilliant.




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