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Sides his work with Ghandi rules OK and Alado sincera, by 2014 Oriol Solé released his first solo album, ‘Cadells’, and the Igualada artist followed up on 2016 with a double opus, his second album entitled ‘II’.

By exploring the dichotomous relationship between pop and noise music, in ‘Cadells’ Solé successfully managed to bypass what is predictable and trite in both styles. Nevertheless, on ‘II’ he steps forward and, despite the austerity of its title, it contains nine daring compositions spread across four movements of rare musical awareness. Solé’s leap of faith serves to further explore the musical discourse of ‘Cadells’.

Experimental and yet highly melodic, Oriol Solé gives rise to a harmonic paradox: the initial, referential sounds that accommodate melody dissolve and mix with static, while repeated motifs keep us on tenterhooks. Uncertainty leads the way and guides us, a feeling that is somewhat enhanced by the lyrics. His final work is haunting —or even disturbing—, and it is onthing more than his particular take on the sluggish growth of beauty.




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