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Sem Garcia (P√≥mez , Ambar pool, Mature/older, Princess plan, Playmates) spent a decade working in the shadows, crumpling up into a ball with each new idea. Rough sketches of songs that his friends continued to demand an explanation for… Phantom songs, all of them, until he released his one and only album to date, ‘Acerca de las cosas’.

Palisandro is a well-versed student of rock and therein lies his great asset: Songs in capital letters, with unmistakable language and 100% resolve that are evident in each and every riff, chord progression, and underlying texture. Segments and undalating vertices, firmly contained by the walls of suspense, peered over by someone who cannot stop looking, searching…

That’s how Palisandro songs are like. They have the unconditional quality of someone who has made a home, with the suspicious presumption of bliss, and yet never content until no stone has been left unturned.