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By the use of both diatonic harmonies and monolithic structures in such an absolutelly patent way, Daniel Ardura (Ensaña, Alado sincera), Pasto Martí (Cataplàusia) and Carles Viarnès stretch the preconceived instrumental austerity getting to just obviate the song itself, to precisely emphasize its own form, and meaning.

The fisrt and only album released on 2011, entitle ‘De no estar’, is a serene act builed up to undress the time. An intimate lyrics rapture. Terse memories, flashes getting amplified, journey notebooks on song form, each one of them as a piece for a single moment and every moment as free scrap, battle of unfocused witnesses.

On Joan Cabot’s own words -It’s about something demanding, kind of a sideway song: There’s always something wich seems out of place and, like on a blurred photograph, you must focus on and so pieces start to fit and everything makes sense (…).




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