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Tensura is a band from southeast Madrid formed in summer 2019 by three good and inseparable friends since the times of bands such as, and no less than, Propulpo and Berlinetta. Memorable projects with which Hugo Santos, Jesús Barrios and Luis Ramos whipped up the Spanish underground scene  and which now crystallise on their new adventure called Tensura.

Strabic sons of Situationist lyricism, throughout their career Hugo, Jesús and Friki have subtly polished the edges of them incipient post-hardcore sound, to mutate over the years, little by little, into a whole new form of surrealist and hilarious rock that is more angular, absolutely personal and -above all- very enjoyable.

Strong rhythms and tasty arpeggios hold most parts of these new pearls which, through unexpected developments and changing structures, translate into a continuous overturning of our expectations’ experience, a turn of the sock to our settled heads.