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Originally from Alicante and with a degree in Dramatic Art, after creating a wonderful project about motherhood -which was called Cantando a mamá (‘Theta’ in 2015 and ‘La sal’ in 2018)-, Beatriz Montiel Company finally debuted in 2021 as Trice and, did so, with the album ‘Mudanza’.

‘Mudanza’ is a confessional album, as simple, honest and explicit as it is aptly merciless. A collection of songs that saw the light because she could not take it anymore, assuming the consequences but managing, at the same time, to transcend and crystallize the songs as gems that translucent light and divert a whole new range of colors.

There are songs left to compose when there is a story that deserves to be told, and that is how we come across Trice, who is able to capture the poetic essence of the everyday aspects of our lives and endow them with symbolism. Therein lies her gift.



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