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After the dissolution of one of the most influential alternative rock bands in the underground scene of the Iberian Peninsula, Alado sincera, in 2020, and with a pandemic ahead of them and an uncontainable desire to start making new music… David Berenguer (U-Tòpics, Princess plan) and David Comas (Quòniams) decide to start again and call their good friend Albert Puig (Taknata, U-Tòpics) to form Turmell, starting a long period of rehearsals and concerts that culminates in «Sambassassina». A mind-blowing, addictive and forcefully original record that, as well as being a real surprise to both friends and strangers, is pure fun.

It becomes clear that syncretism is one of the virtues with which Turmell likes to manipulate and shape his own kind of songs. That is, a kind of lively rock with progressive structures, luminous and polymorphous that, although it is conceived from disparate and amalgamated measures, with pulses in indistinct subdivisions and other metrical perversions, it is fast-paced and danceable, as well as wonderfully harmonic.

In the words of David Comas -Subvert the beat and, from there, anything goes. That was the slogan from the first rehearsal and we immediately saw that a balance was established between us, that music came out easily (…). To which David Berenguer adds -Without looking for it, through our shared references, we suddenly found ourselves exploring the purest terrain of samba. An alien genre to us that has turned out to be a kind of fertile limbo. I imagine that by contrast with rock, with our language (…). Now, turn up the volume and hold on to your tassels!




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