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With more than two decades of career including twelve albums, a trilogy with N (Hellmut Neidhart) and a never-ending list of collaborations published on such renowned labels as Abgurd, Drone, TIBProd, Mystery Sea or Eclectic Reactions (in addition to his very own, SeriesNegras), Txesus Garate has become an well-known name in the contemporary ambient and noise music scene, as well as in the audiovisual manipulation and activism ones (this last one, together with the also Gipuzkoan, Paralux).

Always far away from any standard musical conventions, although the origins of this advanced explorer of the Basque experimental scene connect with the rotundity of industrial music (Gutural), the great bulk of his work has evolved towards a conceptual approach. All, to produce an extremely stimulating, dreamlike and radical musical body.

Whether as Tzesne or involved in other projects (the more extreme Kkopu, the more rhythmic guZural), his poetic idea of sound -the modelling of time- emphasises simplicity on such precise yet multiform compositions, which at all times allude to a semantic perception of the piece.



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