Una gran reforma moral

Pentina’t Lula

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‘Una gran reforma moral’ is any totalitarism’s wet dream, but it is also a necessary stage of any utopian construct: be it a feminist republic or a much needed reform of Spain’s 1978 constitution. If back then the question was whether to reform Franco’s regime or break apart from it, it’s today’s events that present themselves with the only possible response.

Now, in the face of this new EP and with Samuel Alinsky’s words that -A reform is the previous stage to a revolution (…) in the back of our minds, Pentina’t Lula’s second release in less than a year -an 11 minute LP to be played at 45 rpm- builds on that to state that making one feel uncomfortable is the previous stage to getting their arse in gear -Either to dance or to become actively involved in something (…). If the first effort was an excellent single shared with Panotxa i Els Caps Parlants, this time it’s a fistful of songs that come across as a different story altogether. If the first listen of the songs as individual items conjures images of hilarity, speediness, and provocation, the album as a whole speaks for a political stance that is ripe with clear-sightedness, wit, and depth, an invitation to reflect and discuss on the following:

Chastity, a myth or an opportunity? We’re all familiar with midlife crisis, but what about cross-generational infatuation? And, is there such a thing as the baldy legs complex? Have you considered the possibility of undergoing reeducation? Yes, my friends, all of them are truly important questions when it is Laietan-rrriot band Pentina’t Lula who asks them. Here they are to command a great moral reform.



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