Arrullo magnético


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It’s hard to believe that Fajardo is only just now publishing his second studio album. It seems so implausible given his countless tours in Spain, and the multitude of followers who his name emblazoned in their minds, as well as the word of mouth circulating about this true artist, one can only think that this singer-song writer’s discography is also extensive. But just the opposite is true: just one eponymous album in 2009, the EP ‘Muñecos‘ in 2011, two splits (one with Malcortado in 2010 and another with Monte in 2012) and the single ‘S/T’ in 2014. Now, finally, Fajardo is releasing his second LP six years after his debut.

We could see it coming during his most recent tour dates and we could sense it in his last single. José Antonio Fajardo has developed a certain diction while (not) controlling his own voice beyond recognition. This time, in addition, the quality of his performance applies equally to his song-writing craft. With a metric discourse that is as accurate as natural, and structures that reveal and conceal depending on the nature of the lyric, in his new release called ‘Arrullo Magnético,’ Fajardo leaves his signature on a body of outstanding songs. Tension and sweetness, suspense and repose: these are songs that are as complex in their harmony as they are simple to the listener to take in (a difficult task, indeed).

Although, while quantity and austerity can function as a formal anteroom, getting at the content of the album is something else … It is here where Fajardo’s pallet of emotions reveals itself. A rainbow of redeeming solemnity, which spreads from the sincerity and, gradually , takes shape in essential aesthetic forms. Memorable, poetic confessions, definitely: A tribal dance, the wild (Basáltico). Awaiting the birth of a child (Ventana). Rain as a soundtrack (Gotas). Music and struggle (Son). And ideological paradises on earth (Batalla Vencida), Mirages and the sea (Esto). ETC. ‘Arrullo magnético’ is impeccable−just what we expected from Fajardo. Maturity. An immortal phonogram.



He has a mercurial way to aproach the genre, which creates a sound universe far away from stereotypes
Carlos Pérez de Ziriza, Mondosonoro
The new folk song is in his hands
Juan P. Holguera, Rockdelux
He has a unique, suggestive and telluric vigor
Carlos Pérez de Ziriza, Mondosonoro
A blinding light, it transmits such unusual strengh
Esteve Farrés, Rockdelux

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