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Since they met while studying in Barcelona, the paths of Carles Medina, Tomàs Pujol, Carles Guilera, Ernest Pipó and Joan Torné have not ceased to converge in various projects (the most recent being Hulm, in which Ernest and Joan participate). During this time, the friendship and artistic affinity of the five has pushed their respective agendas to a point of founding their own band, Bulbs, where they finally improvise and write together a repertoire like the one that now sees the light of day, in this first album entitled «Bombetes».

That the essence of a musical artefact as free and eclectic as this one manages to project a solid, elegant musical identity, and becomes resoundingly personal, is thanks to an aspect that is unusual in combos with leading figures such as the one we are talking about and, even less so, when we are talking about a debut. Because, just as beauty does not understand imposture, the magic of «Bombetes» is surely the result of the humility with which the talent has been arranged in favour of the songs. From the sum of its parts but without previous programmes: with simplicity, with the height of those who see it so clearly that don’t even need to look at each to understand. Of those who find their own space by listening to others.

Produced with Josep Munar at Ground Studios (Cornellà del Terri), the album ends up sounding like a timeless work, yet indeed it’s so difficult to sound modern and classic at the same time! In this sense, «Bombetes» is almost a miracle. A marvel that is articulated in seven original songs, where the best of improvisation (in doses, when appropriate, amplifying the narrative intention of the piece) fits within both a very special composition trademark and a masterful hand for the concatenation of heterophonic textures, displaying a highly suggestive palette of colours and sensations. It is so stimulating, that it ends up shaking our sense of sublimation… This is probably the best avant-garde album made here in recent times. What is beyond doubt is that the existence of Bulbs is the best news of the year two thousand and twenty-four. Long live!