Siempre volviendo a casa

Álvaro Barriuso

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One of the most interesting projects from the musical scene in Spain (…) ROCKDELUX Juan P. Holguera

Álvaro Barriuso is half Duo Cobra (with Javi Alvarez), half Archipiel (with Ainara LeGardon). He has years of experience in the world of free improvisation as part of the Colectivo maDam, Orquesta FOCO and La Risoto. Now Barriuso is releasing his first solo studio album. This work sets to music the collective memory of the Kesh, a people from a future world, described by Ursula K. Le Guin in her book ‘Always coming home’.

Among the many documents that make up this novel, which straddles science fiction and anthropology, the writer collects found texts, legends, short stories, folk songs, recipes, transcriptions of plays… It’s poetry that is made to be recited or sung aloud. Just as she heard it. The inspiration could not be more direct. The disc that you hold in your hands represents Barriuso’s desire to rescue these songs from an imaginary future and return to the present this tradition that has yet to come.

‘Always coming home’ is the inevitable – beautiful – consequence of a personal journey. It is a remarkable tribute to the songs that have come full circle, that were created by just a voice and a guitar, using rhythms from the Americas. Now that it is time to spread the repertoire, Barriuso intends to work with local musicians wherever he goes. The album is a mere starting point, a sort of palimpsest that is amenable to the contributions of other artists. Barriuso is searching for immediacy as the common currency for this feedback-loop fantasy: It is a tradition y that will spontaneously mutate and evolve. In short, this musical experiment is meant to spread the imagination and knowledge that Ursula K. Le Guin so sensitively reflected upon in ‘Always coming home’.



One de boldest and most interesting projects from the musical scene of our country
Juan P. Holguera, Rockdelux