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Thanks to the encounter between two artists such as the Madrid-born -Uruguayan roots- Conrado Isasa (A room with a view), and the Madrid-born, Copenhagen-based Ignacio Córdoba (Fuego, MAGIA), the album you have in your hands captures a unique confluence of talent. An intersection that comes from distant orbits indeed, which nevertheless complement here in the form of a stunning musical body.

With four albums under his belt, the last one just released this very same year, and thanks to an abysmal sensitivity and an articulation of tonal discourse that is pure delicacy and simplicity, the passing of the years has given Isasa the key to his own space within the international instrumental guitar scene. He began some time ago to explore the intimate recesses of memory, up until revealing little by little, partially and carefully, in chiaroscuro, the refractory legacy of his own life and family experience. Isasa courageously lays it out before us, thereby achieving the most difficult thing: to turn his life into music, to touch the universal. On his side, coming from the punk scene in Madrid and with wide experience in the international experimental music and improvisation circuits, we could define Córdoba as a master of secular ceremonies: a body conductor of electricity -both alien and his own-, an eternal apprentice and a professional errorist whose ultimate goal is to detonate the comfort zones of any potential watertight musical discipline. Always, in order to transcend prejudices and expectations from a brand new, unexpected, changing and inclusive place, where the limits imposed by scholasticism will be blurred.

Recorded during Christmas, in the garage of Víctor Ávila’s (Escaire) house in Elche and without acoustic insulation or soundproofing of any kind, Isasa and Córdoba have delivered an album that steps into the frontier, that contradicts as well as alters anything preconceived to continually veer towards surprise. This album marks a milestone in the career of both of them, as well as being a liberated and unexpected gift that not even those closest to them could have ever imagined. Thank you.


A unique confluence of talent
Javier Herrero, La publicidad

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