La nube

Salva Alambre

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Through several singles and two albums as personal as ‘Matemática ingenua’ (2.018) and ‘Electromagnetismo’ (2.020), over time Salva Alambre has shown to articulate a language of his own through which each of his releases is more exciting than the last, as it seems to respond to new and unexpected rules of an intriguing conceptual game that is accountable to no one, except himself.

Well, pay attention because now Salva Alambre returns with nothing less than a 21st century vocal album, ‘Más allá de lo razonable’, which will be released on vinyl and digital next 17 February 2.023 and which is preceded by this marvel, called ‘La nube’.

Written as a reinterpretation of Charles Baudelaire’s prose poem ‘L’étranger’, ‘La nube’ is not included on the album, despite being from the same recording sessions, as well as being produced from the exclusive use of voices for the musical composition and sound construction.

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