Les hores

Inot Eratsis

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Inot Eratsis is Toni Sistaré. Former Alado sincera , currently in Ghandi rules OK, now he opens his own way with this debut album.

The mysterious imaginary that we face when listening to ‘Les hores’ is a challenge to unravel. For each song, there are small doors through which to enter the subconscious, intimate spectres, essential testimonies all of them that, as in stopped violence, we can feel beating under song forms. When we fully step into his world, we capture all its signals and meanings.

The album is made up of ideas with which Sistaré develops repetitions, spirals in a circle that follow one another until they enter a changing state. All, with the help of rich instrumentation and arrangements that are shelled out in layers, back to back. Here, the goal is the process itself. That is the meaning of his songs and, together with the collaboration of Bego Ricart in some of the texts, he interprets them in Catalan, Spanish or English in an indifferent way.



It takes us to a brand new place
Ignasi Arauz, Bon cop de rock
Esteban Linés, La vanguardia
A beautiful and brave work
Esteve Farrés, Rockdelux
Like a psychoanalysis session, like mirror for a unique artist
Redacción, Avui, Presència
A cryptic own musical world
Redacción, Avui