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A slowcore cover of Albany with a distorted climax at the end? Of course it is: after all, the codes of sadness are universal. Pena Máxima release their free interpretation of ‘We cry’ by the Spanish sad girl par excellence to connect two stages. On one hand, it could already be heard live last year on the thirteen dates of the tour to present «Un camino corto», their first album. On the other hand, this studio version comes from the same working sessions of their next album, recorded in March this year in La Mina with Raúl Pérez.

Albany by Pena Máxima. The choice may come as a surprise but, deep down, there is nothing more literally urban than walking through Madrid going from the office to home and from there to the rehearsal room, stopping for a second in a double queue to get four things from the supermarket. Adult life in the city and rock (even if it’s post) sometimes fit together as best they can.

‘Lloramos’ works as bridge for the project by brothers Julián and Pablo Palomo, former members of Autumn Comets. A bonus track from «Un camino corto» or a teaser of what’s to come, depending on how you look at it. Their particular anti-song of the summer, because in reality Pena Máxima are already looking ahead to next autumn: a second album awaits them, the first details of which will soon be revealed…

Víctor Trapero