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Barely a year after the release of their eponymous debut, Cataplàusia returns with narcotic powers. This second album entitled ‘Metacrit!’ aims to settle scores with everyday inferences of political correctness, exploring some of the untouched areas of our private selves and, ultimately, our memory.

‘Metacrit!’ may sound like the awakening of some renegade ghosts. In fact, it may seem like an exorcism… Postmodernity? Not on your life. The album reflects upon ingenuity as something bygone and embraces the blessed awkwardness assumed by any sort of aesthetic appreciation and innocence as a sort of Utopia. In their debut, Cataplàusia twisted iconoclastic conceptualizations once and again so as to submerge the messages they wanted to convey, this album has pulls the rope even tight: Heavy Metal and No Wave are at the service of songs that have been composed over a few weeks in a creative outburst, and then rehearsed and recorded the following month.

The album’s instrumental moments are absolutely brilliant and, of course, the vocabulary, delusions, and imagery that Pasto Martí puts into his stories show off his genius on every track. And a small detail: The album begins and ends with the same song. ‘La creu’ and ‘Els ressentits’ are the same. However, the two tracks are completely different pieces, not only in terms of their lyrics, interpretation, and intentions. And it is precisely in the latter of these two tracks, after on the tails of a colorful rant, Pasto sings -You’re bitter (…). Don’t forget it.



One only rule: No rules
David Morán, Rockdelux




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