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‘Pacífico’ is an album about Spain and beyond. A parvenu record. A half-truth stumped untill saciety.

With this fourth album, the band from Igualada have achieved to capture an obscene snapshot, poetical if you prefer, of the act in which remiss pure violence is silenced and democratized. Here come the keys of someone else’s house and full moral immunity… Delusions on an intangible maths’ edge, in just about half an hour, over twelve songs in which delirious excesses take place although the lyric message says NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.

Recorded with Santi García in four days, live and analog, it’s execution is stunning. Alado sincera work on every new release at risk, unscrupulous and, both for the them particular appropiationism as for the aesthetics submission and strain of them own ideas, ‘Pacífico’ is an overwhelming step forward. The transition that ‘Palimpsesto’ (2009) initiated, keeps revealing illuminating signs.



Amazing. One of the best kept secrets of our alternative scene
David Saavedra, El mundo, Metrópoli
Their biggest accomplishment is that they truly have a style of their own
Jordi Meya, Rockzone
A complex, smart and bold work. That type of alternative rock music which is not meant to hit the cool, indie charts
Joan Cabot, Mondosonoro
Amazing album. This should bring them the recognition they deserve
Pablo Tato, H
The indie scene is no longer consistent, but there are still some bands with the potential to grow
Albert Fernández, Go




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