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Caja de ordenación número 4 is formed by Dèlia (Meconio, Ratpenat) and Dadavid (Tiznao, Decurs, N.I.T, Ratpenat), key talents in understanding Iberian DIY for more than a decade, having been part of one of the fundamental collectives in Barcelona, Ojalá estë mi bici, as well as the SubPost label. Now, with two albums released (the latest ‘Terra negra’ in 2022) and countless tours and kilometres on stage behind them, the duo from Fogars de la Selva present their third studio album, whose title refers to the administrative silence that approved the Montnegre-Corredor plan in 1989. Thanks to this operation, today the public administration continues to expropriate houses in forest areas, thus drawing a hostile fence around places in the middle of nature, as in the case of La serra de l’Esquirol, where Dèlia and Dadavid live: welcome to ‘Pla especial’.

For the first time in the career of Caja de ordenación número 4, this album has been recorded, produced and mixed by the duo themselves at home and a good part of the tracks were finished during studio sessions. Sessions that have managed to capture a distribution of the planes that amplify the forcefulness of the album, as well as helping to enjoy even more its tempo, the lyrical silences and the narrative tension that the duo masterfully manages in the songs. In addition to incorporating previously unpublished instrumentation (bass, oscillators and synthesizers), they also had the participation of musicians of the stature of Stef Ketteringham (Shield your eyes, Reciprocate, Price attack), Balty Albiol (KLS, trumpet and responsible for the design of the album) and Robert Martínez (Usnea, Muzak, Mutan monkey).

With a tribute to the mythical alternative radio programme ‘Maximum clatellot’ included, odes to literature like ‘Llegir ens farà lliures’ or ‘La llibreta’, and visceral pieces like ‘2021’ or the exciting ‘Re-estàrter’… ‘Pla especial’ consolidates Caja de ordenación número 4 as one of today’s most transgressive bands. An uncompromisingly personal combo, whose music is not only capable of projecting an idiosyncratic poetic imaginary, but directly escapes watertight stylistic comparisons. Dèlia and Dadavid transcend musical genres to incorporate attributes of the performing arts, spoken word and even contemporary art. Their music – and their impressive live performances – are a shocking, inexplicable, raw and intimidating but at the same time shape in a sophisticated experience. A proposal that is political and philosophical at the same time, and which represents art in its purest state. We find ourselves before one of the few truly personal rock bands of today. A duo that imprints such a quantity of truth and sharp beauty in their songs that they are capable of achieving what practically no one else manages to do in today’s cultural entertainment scene. That is, to induce our sublimation. To change us.