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In discontinuous hibernation since 2011, Parmesano left their lethargy a few months ago, for the anniversary of Ojalá esté mi bici and, after a brief tour of France, now they are releasing their first physical disc in their career. Vida extra, their new EP includes six new songs and is being published alongside the mythical Parmesano! EP of 2011. All it impeccably recorded, mixed, and mastered by Milo Gomberoff (Familea Miranda).

Although the first impression may lead us to think of a Return of…, nothing could be further from the truth. With each successive listen, ‘Vida extra’ gives you a glimpse of the subtle and elegant purification aesthetic with which the Catalan combo —one of the most fascinating and erratic of the last decade—has landed its rock proposal to setback, syncopated and tropical, to make it even more playful and danceable!

Over the years and probably unconsciously, Juanjo (Avecrem, Indiosingracia, Wapísimo), Jordi (El gos binari), Edu (Circonite, Muzak, Wapísimo), and Àlex (Familea Miranda, Lasers) have lowered the tension inherent in the first EP, to transmit a spontaneity and a freshness that, at times, leads us to exaggerate, to doubt if what we are listening to is actually pop? Not at all. This where the magic lies. Singing in unison as a sort of redemption and a fundamental part in the own internal dramaturgy of the band, as well as the running joke… ‘Vida extra’ and ‘Parmesano! EP’ summarize friendship, talent and the nostalgia that Parmesano means to many of us, as well as transmitting the collective experience of their live shows (without doubt, one of the best bands of the Iberian Peninsula). So, friends: For however much we have missed them and for the pixelated cheese on the cover, this disc is essential.


Schizoid and rambling music. A witches' sabbath
Luis Moner, Muzikalia
One of the most inventive bans from Spain
Marcos Gendre, Mondosonoro

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