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Automatic obsesions

Pandan-Lagl is Cristina Arroyo and JC Peña, also known as El relevo alemán since a decade now. They catch up for the first time in Madrid when both played in them previous band Estoikov. The duo, who’s name comes from a Franquin comic, makes noisy songs with old drum machines, dark humour lyricism and obscure historical references.

In 2017 Pandan-Lagl published their first and self-titled album, recorded with Javier Ortiz at Estudio Brazil, Madrid, which stands out as a very personal work, sustained on automatic metrics and plenty of volcanic guitars. Above all, with it we can enjoy a world full of obessions that we can easily emphatize with…

All, on the edge of a rope which connects two cardinal points, so spaced but so complementary as Cristina and JC are. Indissoluble faces from the same coin, a rewarding currency that looks like made in purpose just to play out of course.. Is this kraut-pop? Who knows.



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