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The epics of defeat

Cristina Arroyo and JC Peña (who conceived El relevo alemán from a private joke about Estoikov, them previous group) released them first album ‘Ética protestante’ back in 2008. After that, two EPs were launched, ‘Canciones para un mundo que se acaba’ and ‘La última esperanza’, and then not only them second album was out, ‘El mundo antiguo’ (2011), but an out-takes disc followed in a few months (Canciones desde el exilio). But still, this prolific period was not ended untill a third EP , entitled ‘El sueño de Frank’, was out in 2013.

After that and already with Zutoia Ríos (Muerte y destrucción) as part of the trio, El relevo alemán put all its efforts on narrowing its own path untill getting a unique one sound. Then, with its 2014’s album ‘Königsberg’ released, the Madrid band opened a period that really made a difference, a significant step forward by propping its own message up: The band’s third record ‘Liberación’ (2015) plus the EP ‘Pterodáctilos’ (2018).

Since then and self barricaded behind an epic of defeat and a militant misanthropy, El relevo alemán holds such a personal display full of enigmatic historical references, vintage cinephilia and hilarious humor shoots… Such as we can enjoy at its EP ‘Die Hunde!’ as well as its very last and stunning album ‘La séptima extinción’ (2020), with it all on the edge of a rope which connects two cardinal points, so spaced but so complementary as Cristina and JC are, now with Javier Otones on drums (Tremolino, Soul Rubbers).




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