Sí a todo

Señoras y bedeles

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Four years after their second album «Las cosas que no puedo ver», Señoras y bedeles return with a wonderfully infectious third full-length, with which the trio from Zaragoza demonstrate a new know-how based on careful vocal harmonies, delirious lyrics (or maybe just great) and a renewed sonic starting point. But don’t let’s not get carried away, «Sí a todo» continues to sound like their trademark. That is to say, it is full of hymns that invite us to chant their choruses and make you get up and start dancing, singing, shouting, jumping, kissing and loving!

The cut that opens the album, ‘Ciudadano’, is a hypnotic song with a jumping rhythmic base and a denouement typical of other times, with which the band anticipates that not even God will get bored around here… ‘Alguacil’ follows, which if it doesn’t make you dance, you’re dead, and we arrive at the third track, ‘Sí a todo’: the song that gives its name to the album and a declaration of intentions. With it, Señoras y bedeles highlight the value of creating something fresh and new, but learning, understanding and reusing previous formulas. Then ‘H. D. P.’ takes us back to those nineties of north goal choruses and attitude in which we were only looking to have fun (knowing that this world was going to shit) and closes the first block with none other than ‘Un rayo cae’. A version of the incomparable Niño gusano that the band adapt as a sincere and affectionate tribute to their brothers from Zaragoza.

We start the B-side with ‘Niño chino’, a song that invites you to jump with your arms up in the air, and then we get to one of the album’s capital songs, ‘El guión’. A marvellous rara avis that shows what this band is capable of. A cut of another level, genuinely emotional, with elegant developments and a precious, almost dreamlike ending that puts the finishing touch to one of those codas for posterity… And now! We return again to the paths of garage with ‘Ante todo’, with its piercing organs and a delicious guitar solo to, and now for real my friends, hurry up our cigarettes because we’ve reached the end. It’s time for one last commandment and this one comes in the form of an unquestionable anthem, entitled ‘Hereje’. Bravo, yes to everything.