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The virtue of sharpening their sound with viperine sap

In the shelter of danger, in the Madrid night, Pablo Garnelo (Biznaga, Ardora) and Marco Lipparelli (Being Berber, Gut Derby) met Álvaro Marcos and David Moralejo from Atención Tsunami. After the initial dazzle, friendship would open a period of unfaithful and intermittent reunions, whose impros and first rehearsals would lead into a dead end, let’s say. The possibility of a band.

Now, with three forceful singles released in barely a year and the virtue of sharpening their sound with viperine sap, Charnego have managed to sneak as an ace in the hole of year 2021, just to surprise friends and strangers from such place, no less, as the new Madrid de los Ayusers is…

Their first hit was about halo and bald head, a severe shake called ‘Frágil (El Niño de Leche)’ which was immediately followed by ‘La ruta del pelotazo’. Angular and bold piece that sounds like a roller over the map of Spain, over its uncorrupted saints and its extractive machinery. Finally, their most spidic song, a celebration of reunion: ‘Cuerpos (la fuerza de los bares)’ is an ode to contact, dance and sprawl, with which Charnego spread salt on this icy and slippery road to which the pandemic has diverted us. More coming soon.