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Choruses that stick instantly, like a knife in hot butter (…) FANZINE CORRIENTE Guillermo Cebrián

If we look in the dictionary, the Real Academia Española defines maganto as pensive, sad. However, around the Vega Baja area, where we find Marcos Martínez’s family roots, the word takes on a very different and much broader meanings, such as rascal and even lazy. It is right there, between freshness and reflection, where we find the essence of Maganto’s songs.

After being a member of two bands with a great impact on the underground scene at the beginning of the millennium, such as Qualude and FlyingPigMatanza, Marcos Martínez now undertakes his personal project under the name of Maganto and with the guitar as his main instrument for the first time, as he had previously played the drums and piano respectively.

The new songs may suggest a certain continuation of the ideas and sounds that were already boiling in the songs of FlyingPigMatanza, although here the melody, the simplicity and a much more explicit pop urgency are endowed with a fascinating lyrical depth (behind the veil of a neorealist poetics as subtle as it is charming), projecting Martínez to the next level of composition, among the best of his generation.


Choruses that stick instantly, like a knife in hot butter
Guillermo Cebrián, Fanzine corriente
Poetic mantras in circular development, with simplicity as the flag, intensity in secret and a classic aftertaste. Turn of the century in Spanish independent music
Octavio Gómez Milián, 20 Minutos, Motel Margot