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Sonic shots straight to the brain (…) FANTASTIC José A. Martínez

Blanca bought a drum kit to learn on. Alberto finds out, he goes in and both begin rehearsing in an old farmhouse in Alboraia (now a drying groundnut patch), smack dab in the middle of Valencia’s orchards.
Philosophy professors and friends for years, the intuition, chemistry and fun had during these early sessions will at the beginning of this year will call Césped de Verdad to participate in the remake of that legendary album by de Felpudo Tos ( Felpudo Tos Remade 1998 – 2015). Immediately afterwards the duo set out to finish shaping up an exceptional set of songs in this, their self-titled debut.

Although hummable, Césped de Verdad’s songs are not sung, rather shouted, but careful. More than a incursion into punk, there is humor and political abstraction that give meaning to the material, from riff to riff, grinding out words to get the perfect slogan. To quote: Calls for funding and deadlines to apply for institutional competition (El termini). Ode to science (El amor se destruye). Naphthalene and PCs (Tina Sáinz). The Church and cocaine (Excítame la pituitaria). Possible title for the next album by Refree, the next film by Albert Serra or next novel Kiko Amat, among other apocalyptic references (Ves a por el cútex). To be a mod in 2015 (Grandes bodrios del barroco). The submission of women in the films of Yasujiro Ozu (Fukushima mon amour). ETC.

Here signifier and signified are centrifuged between piercing guitars and suspenseful rhythms, folded neatly against a fine thread that has us dancing and celebrating that Haneke is the Walt Disney of the Underground movement right when we least expect it! Or better yet, explaining to our children what the Holy Grail is and why it is in Valencia.



An amazing band
Redacción, Gent normal
It fits so much in such short time
Aïda Camprubí, Rockdelux
Sonic shots straight to the brain
José A. Martínez, Fantastic
Naturally, they sign a rebellious and anarchic album, just as themselves
Roberto Gontoro, Melodías de seducción
16 tracks in 35 minutes, raw, without hesitating. They turn The White Stripes into a tecno-pop band
Redacción, Blisstopic
A real music blast, pure punk
G. Menéndez, Mondosonoro
Holy shit. Does it come from Spain? At last!
Don Monsalve, Shocked music

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