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Qhat does risk means? Risk means Ghandi rules OK (…) MUZIKALIA Pere Francesch Rom

As a result of repeated yet non meditated meetings by Oriol Solé (Iga memento, Alado sincera) and Toni Sistaré (Inot Eratsis) both solemnly sweared with them own blood the quest of basics. Tabula rasa to compose and record this divertimento number one in a week. 8 songs in just 15 minutes.

Under Ghandi rules OK’s moniker there is room for the betrayal and the contempt for the forms. A bare private joke. The most conclusive subterfuge to be shared… but after all what remains is a sensation of having discovered such a unique and brilliant voice appart from the independent catalan scene.

The duet from Igualada is dedicated to call upon febrile horses whose sleep has been desecrated, now running with no direction in the dark, through fuzz rock labyrinthine galleries. This is not a manifesto for the stretchy song but both an amiable innocence and a disturbing – finally welcoming – secrecy’s own alibi, moving on and moving on aproaching big nowhere, while an absurd, sharp yet intelligible and infectious, insult starts showing up. 15 minutes? Give it a try.


So… what does risk means? Risk means Ghandi Rules OK
Pere Francesch Rom, Muzikalia
Enemies of the been there
Juan Manuel Freire, Rockdelux

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