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Fajardo has been able to create his strange, poetic and, more important, own world (…) ABC Israel Viana

It is common among the inhabitants of the Canary Islands to use the expression ‘to look at the cloudscape’. A cloudscape is a picturesque formation of clouds one can easily get lost in, enraptured by its ephemeral existence. Such an incantation fits with the songwriting process. While clouds are moved around by the wind, get their colour from sunlight and their shape from changes in temperature, pressure, and electrical charge, the songwriter in creative mode ‘observes’ a melody he has created out of nowhere and moulds it into a shape as guided by intuition.

Right since they first met in 2018, Fajardo has been fantasizing about the possibility of having his songs arranged by Trilitrate. As that was taking form, some admired musicians such as Marc Enseñat (Monkey Nuts) and Diego Hdez (Keiko, The Conqueror) joined forces with this neoclassical trio, alongside three of Fajardo’s usual collaborators: Manuel Campos (Rosvita), Jordi Tost (Gos Binari, Parmesano) and María Navidad (Tostadas, Mesa Camilla). So when all that came true his ideas easily turned into songs that were both dynamic and nuanced and expressed in an understated style. The resulting set of songs then became an album aptly entitled ‘Intuición’ that was artfully recorded by Javier Ortiz (Estudio Brasil).

‘Intuición’ is an ode to observation, music and friendship. An ode to survival, in short. As the Fuerteventura-born musician puts it himself, -I entitled the album ‘Intuition’ because I feel that the essence of my creative will resides there (…). Indeed, the album addresses multiple issues taking a poetic stance, making imperfect and yet beautiful reflections that always skip over the obvious. The musician’s intuitive musings on those issues work their way into each of the songs. He reflects on the challenge of fatherhood in ‘Deidad’; not having a clue about anything in ‘Accidentes’; missing the pleasure of traveling for the sake of it in ‘Geometría / Geología’. The burden of reasoning (Aprender-Desaprender) becomes a volcano but, like the frenzied rush of being on stage, it is washed away by the sea, purified in saltpeter. We transcend. We arrive at a mountain where the podomorph engravings are so compactly built into the rock that it is almost impossible to spot them in daylight (they come out at night from the lichen-covered trachyte). The witches of Tindaya will greet you in the footsteps of our ancestors. I’ll wait right here for you.



Fajardo has been able to create his strange, poetic and, more important, own world
Israel Viana, ABC
Powerful. Calm and latent volcanism, like the landscape of his island. A creative universe that has reached its best boiling point
Carlos Pérez de Ziriza, Rockdelux
Fajardo's strength reminds us of a man possessed and ready to start a new cult
Octavio Gómez Milián, Motel Margot


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