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Two stunning songs from an already excellent repertoire (…) Alfredo Arnaiz

Fajardo needs a section of his own, since, as a performer, he is quite a unique figure on the Spanish independent scene. There, in front of you with a guitar his hand, you can hear his voice filling the room (close our eyes to the effect), which is an invitation to catharsis we are not accustomed to. Fajardo’s voice is visceral yet delicate and holds its own compositional picture bearing a beautiful and necessary stamp, and − like a channel for the stream − like a harmony that lives by the other complementary half.

Fajardo has left everything aside; he is able to garnish his own body, to have the word in the service of songs that seek truth everywhere. To date, his career has only just mature into the transferable, projected along an eponymous album in 2009, the excellent EP ‘Dolls’ in 2011 and two splits (with Malcortado in 2010 and the Monte Costa Ricans in 2012 ). References to this single now adds untitled, ahead of an upcoming album which will be released this year. In the words of Alfredo Arnaiz (Música de andar por casa):

-The only way to explain to Fajardo is pressing the play button. Everything else is hearsay. His friends comment and even crack a joke to realize the power of his voice, those who have seen him live find it unforgettable, those who have listened closely are pierced by his lyrics and marked for ever more, and those who have heard his guitar thought he was dreaming. Now we present two songs that serve as a prelude to the impending ‘Arrullo magnético.’ This is his second album that Repetidor will published during 2015. Two songs not found fit into the grooves of the vinyl next who knows why. Designed so the thing scares and nourishes our impatience, what is up next? And before us are two wonderful tracks already in itself remarkable repertoire by this Canary Island musician. ‘La nieve (snow)’ first heard on November 3 at two in the morning. The heat in Fuerteventura makes it impossible to sleep and I froze, and inside I took refuge. ‘Mil muros (Thousand walls)’ is a charming wonder where the voice of Fajardo flies free. It is fair to think that in Repetidor, a record label where quality and personality of styles and pigeonholes, he will be in his element (…)


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