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Music made with honesty (…) GO Jesús Sáez

Neurotic Kites is a studio project in which Joseph Hilferty (San Francisco, California) provides a beautiful debut LP that will resonate with high-fidelity pop audiences. A simple, unpretentious act of confession, an underground dream pop and 90s sound that capture us from the first play.

Surrounded by friends such as David Berenguer (Alado sincera), Oriol Solé (Alado sincera, Iga mementom Ghandi rules OK), Gerard Vich (Palisandro), and produced by Toni Sistaré (Inot Eratsis, Ghandi rules OK), Hilferty conveys an air of unmistakeable frailty in each song, but in a manner that is both intimate and yet somewhat detached. The album takes on the difficult task of creating a sort of bare pop, without falling into clichés.

‘Lives’ is an attempt to explain psychological states of anxiety brought on by misunderstandings. It is also an attempt at catharsis, or as Hilferty himself plainly puts it -The pursuit of happiness by someone who suffers from a neurodegerative disease, such as in this case early-onset Parkisonism (…).



Modesty and honesty
Jaime Menchén, Mondosonoro
Unique by its own conception and target, enjoyable on its result
Jaume Ribell, Rockdelux
Music made with honesty
Jesús Sáez, Go