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This punk anomaly is absolutelly stunning. Avecrem have smeared their magic potion all over a project that has its own and unmistakable personallity (…) Marcos Gendre

Born and living in Piñor (Ourense) and Hospitalet de Llobregat respectively, David Soprano (Abuela te quiero!) and Juanjo Gómez (Parmesano) met in Barcelona years ago and formed the legendary band OU (among other unforgettable and crazy bands such as Lysergic Farmers of The West). Since then, no matter where or when, they have gone on playing together as Avecrem.

They have released two albums to date, ‘Una chicha loca’ in 2015 and the recent ‘Ya somos ricos’ in 2018. Avecrem never rehearses ahead of a gig and, to them, recording an album is nothing more than an excuse to immortalize their work.

Improvisation is their only means of creating music. They go by a motto that serves them to make music and, in doing so, keeping them close as friends: laugh your ass off. But careful there, we are talking about a method that is difficult as it relies on intuition mainly, comparable to any other aesthetic affinity that usually defines a band.




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