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Excellent -IDIOTEQ Karol Kamiński

Coming out from their hideout in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands, Conjunto Podenco is a band of life-long friends comprising Ángel Clavijo, José Fajardo and José A. López (Daylight in red, Holy disgrace), who this year 2020 have just debuted with the stunning ‘Garabato’, a split album with Lullavy.

Like moorland yet to be crossed so as too reach further territories, linear structures are Conjunto Podenco’s trademark. When walking, one rambles, and when one rambles a subtle melody starts drawing dots in the field, dots to be connected and which are possible paths for us to follow.

There are no maps, no keys, nothing. It is us who assign the songs a free meaning, and that is Conjunto Podenco’s intention when composing every tune, made with motherly affection and with a craftsman’s skills.



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