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Just after graduating Ramon Prats and Albert Cirera broke out their different way to play, their special style to approach melodies and rhythms. They did that in the late 2000s on the fabled ‘Robadors grant’ with them self titled debut (2008), their second album ‘Cactus’ in 2012 and especially, with endless ideas of every description. Later they toured such different latitudes as Russia, the Basque Country, Scandinavia, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Burgos, Banyoles, the Costa Brava Jazz Festival or the legendary Juan Sebastian Bar at the capital of Upper Aragon.

They were also guilty of eccentricities (e.g., a 10-hour concert to mark their tenth anniversary) and particularly collaborations: hurdy gurdy player Marc Egea, guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex) with whom they recorded ‘Food’ (2017), dancers Juliette Louste and Tura Coll, guitarist Florien Stoffner, double bass players Àlex Reviriego and Johannes Nästesjö, violinist Carlos Zingaro, trumpet player Iván González, piano players Agustí Fernández (a master and an inspiration to them) and Josep-Maria Balanyà, cellist Paul Stouthamer… A unique collection of distinguished partners.

Whether accompanied or by themselves, Duot have created music based on the same premise at every step: building larger-than-life soundworks out of vertigo, as though they were walking a tightrope without safety net. Cirera & Prats are masters at navigating adrift and suddenly hatching sound climates and landscapes. Architects of ephemeral geometry, their music could be portrayed with barrel vaults, spiraling columns, curved mirrors and, above all else, domes like the ‘cúpules’ on the title of their record ‘Fe’s (2019). If you enter this impassioned exploration of the depths of ephemeral architecture, you will conclude that everything adds up in the Duot universe… everything flows in a sublime harmony. Have faith (…) ELOGI DE L’ARQUITECTURA EFÍMERA, Martí Farré