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Don’t let the Spanish desert divide what Agustí Fernández and Peter Brötzmann have united (…) CUADERNOS DE JAZZ Carlos Pérez Cruz

Duot. If, instead of a text, I’d been ask to come up with album sleeve, I would have drawn the two of them burried in the ground up to their navel. They’d both be trying to fight with each other, like the men in the old etchings who would be fighting their own shadows, their arms flailing above their heads, along with sticks and odd tubing. They’d be eating dirt and filling their lungs with a deep misty fragrance. C’est pas la pein de penser. These are athletes of a sport that will never be recognized. This is their sports career, however. It allows them to scramble up and down an ever-tautening cable of a style of music they call free just as they could have as easily could have called it toud.

(…) Jack Torrance

It is unusual come across a couple of young graduates who decide to engage in improvisation with such a clear devil-take-the-hindmost attitude. For this reason and many more, Duot is a unique group. After five years of playing music together, Albert and Ramón have reached musical maturity with an intensity that could not have been possible to achieve any other way. Almost as if by telepathy, each knows what the other is thinking. And it shows. I’d like to believe that this intensity is an old virtue or at least one that is old-fashioned, especially given how fleeting and superficial most of today’s music is. Their music is a reflection of themselves, that is to say, it is at once physically intense and at times overwhelming, as well as sophisticated, daring, fragile, cheeky, and a breath of fresh air. If anything, their music is both free and alive.

(…) Agustí Fernández, piano player and composer



They have almost telepathy
Roger Roca, El periódico
Half Nelson, Go
Don't let the Spanish desert divide what Agustí Fernández and Peter Brötzmann have united
Carlos Pérez Cruz, Cuadernos de jazz
Athletes of a sport which will never be homologated
Jack Torrance, Overlook hotel
Braided and bold, demanding and demanded
Salvador Catalán, Rockdelux
It could even move listeners out the free jazz world
Jack Torrance, Toma jazz
Like Kant, who had a daily walk at the same time throuh the same path, Duot keeps its path with Prussian discipline
Roger Roca, El periódico
You're goin to find very few bands so unique as this one
Andrea Jarales, Lamono
They’ve succeeded, under a stake of acoustic barks
Alan Queipo, Notodo


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