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With two albums released, ‘De rerum natura’ in 2016 and ‘El ojo brillante’ in 2018′, Severine Beata presents now her third studio work, entitled ‘La era del trance’, together with her good friend and regular collaborator and producer, Javi Álvarez (Fluzo, Dúo Cobra).

In ‘La era del trance’ both musicians have managed to capture moments of a beauty as suggestive, intriguing and hallucinatory as it is ephemeral. In it, passages and repetitions of reverberated layers follow one another within the expressive order of live music, as well as thanks to a unique intuitive complicity. ‘La era del trance’ is a musical succession of stages that seems to align a continuous soundscape, with a stimulating narrative, so suggestive that it hypnotises. This is an album that sounds different with each new listen.

No one has put to words the challenge and enjoyment that is to approach the music of severine more accurately than her good friend Sergio Cáliz López: -Severine’s music is a red carpet carefully placed under your feet, for you leap into the void, into the innate risk that is intrinsic to Severine Beata’s world. That world involves constant discovery and, on top of that, there is room for you (…).




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