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Underground reference of the punk rock scene in the Iberian Peninsula since a decade ago, with three albums released («Cigüeña» in 2012, «Neptuno» in 2014 and «El vuelo» in 2018) and a lot of road on the side, Cigueña are back with this new studio work, called «Cotidiana» and pay attention because we are surely in front of the best album of the band from Valencia to date. A record that was recorded in two and a half days with Santi García at Ultramarinos Costa Brava, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, in the pure Cigüeña style, that is to say, in a rigorous, direct, unadorned and first pressing. One after the other; wham, wham, wham!

In fact, with the help of Santi, the duo has managed to capture the essence of their live performances and «Cotidiana» sounds nourishing, forceful and sharp, but if there is one thing that this time manages to elevate the duo to the category of a band on the Iberian scene, it is the personal compositional immediacy of these twenty new songs. So, starting from the immediacy of each riff and each seminal arpeggio, this time Martín and Unai have elaborated a series of variations, elegant transitions and bridges that help to expand the structure of the songs, broadening their melodic-narrative palette and sharply dosing the diction of a beautifully visceral voice, always at the top of their lungs.

Inspired by the convulsive times we live in, «Cotidiana» is articulated as a conceptual work where, almost in the form of a diary, the songs speak to us of small moments that intertwine and, like clippings or flashes of memory, build up a poetic whole that stimulates our imagination in an addictive way. Thus, «La inclinación del sol» is the daily one about appearances, which tells us about our contradictions. «El marqués» is the everyday one about nostalgia and tells us about a change of scenery, after which nothing will ever be the same again. «A la caza del octubre ocho» is the everyday one about admitting and facing a mistake. «Extraño lugar para la nieve» is the everyday one about darkness, with a dance of awkward chords with nowhere near to hold on to. «Movimiento (des)conocido» is the tough everyday one about suffering from an illness and getting used to it despite not coming to terms with it. «Cosas que pasan» is the daily one about walking the streets of a deserted Valencia that has changed us all and that deep down is still there. «Tras el velo» is the everyday one about so much contained, accumulated rage… and, finally, «Pantano corrupto» is the everyday one about being able to laugh at yourself by telling the truth but ending it with a lie, leaving the circle unclosed.

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