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They breathe underground and pour, like caustic soda, their music over the burnt territory (…) MOTEL MARGOT Octavio Gómez Milián

Tensura is a band from Madrid formed in the summer of 2019 by three good friends since the times of the seminal Berlinetta and Propulpo. Memorable projects with which Jesús Barrios, Hugo Santos and Luis Ramos shaked the underground scene. Now, fifteen years later, their entire trajectory crystallizes and sparkles in this new adventure.

Recorded with Javier Ortiz in Estudio Brazil and baptized ‘Flute’ because of their admiration for the mythical sound of the Casio MT-110, this debut is an authentic jewel of angular and imaginative rock. Rock with surprising structures and developments, through which Jesús, Luis and Hugo show how they’ve polished the the post-hardcore edges that defined their previous projects. Now the trio from the southeast of Madrid boasts a musical language so versatile -sophisticated even-, that the conciseness and clarity of their songs confers them the status of a unique group of its kind. So welcome to ‘Flute’. To that other league, the one of the best (scarce) bands of the alternative scene where every live performance is to be framed and where albums like the one we are talking about transcend without accessories, strictly in the musical aspect. ‘Flute’ is one of those works that are discovered little by little, enjoying and revealing themselves listening after listening as a real master piece. Long life.

In Hugo’s words -Normally our compositional process starts with any Jesús’s ideas which we develop together but, as the rehearsals go by, each song can be bifurcated to infinity, depending on the occurrences that come to our minds… often in the most unsuspected situations, like going to the supermarket, to the churreria or to the dermatologist (…). Strabic children of situationist lyricism, in ‘Flute’ we are assaulted by old diet traumas. A matter before which it is probably better to step aside and renounce. Just as we have given up in dismay, impotent way, on the drift of ecological destruction in which we have been immersed for almost a century now (Meteorito). Now, let’s look for the mistake (…) an opportunity in hands of scientific rationalism (No lo divulgue) because we are late and some other uncomfortable situation could occur… the outbreak of the zombie holocaust just when you have your food on the table, for example (and it is quite annoying), etc. That’s a missile coming this way (…).


This debut is a rock gem with surprising structures and developments
Javier Herrero, La publicidad
They breathe underground and pour, like caustic soda, their music over the burnt territory
Octavio Gómez Milián, Motel Margot