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Moroccan suns melting on your head

With a music career spanning over a decade and 5 LPs as the drummer in Picore, Zaragoza-born Pablo Jiménez presents his new band Les Conches Velasques, a project that has been in the making for the last three years. For starters, the first two songs of ‘Pregón’ come out, and they are literally that, an opening address. Starting from Pablo’s personal view of dance music, with his galloping moves, free and open to possibilities -the foundation upon which his musical language is built-, the first single, composed and played all by himself, is something new, like the unveiling of a nice surprise.

Thought out as an exercise in conceptualization, the musician has drawn on Pedro Salinas’ lyrical work. Rather than using his poems, Jiménez has juggled the lines around, giving up on the poet’s original rhymes and intended meanings and intuitively working to create a new artifact. Strangely engaging, there is no real underlying discourse nor theme; no ideas to hang on to nor points of reference. ‘Pregón’ discovers a distinctive, golden voice that becomes only visible after repeated listens.

As Jiménez himself says -The songs are created unconsciously, all the pieces coming together over the months as I hum them in my head (…). Indeed, the ideas are duly formalized as songs, but that previous stage seems to come to life quite irrationally, as if out of empathy. Now, time to enjoy the songs. The tango-like leanings of ‘Borrón enchufe ‘is like savouring a new flavour, with its flirting polyrythms, while those of ‘Flecha’ are like blazing Moroccan suns melting on your head. Long live Les Conches Velasques!


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