Sitio y lacería

Les conches velasques

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One of those records that freezes everything around you (…) SUN 13 Simon Kirk

Two years after ‘Celebración del trance profano’ and five years after their eponymous debut, Les conches velasques return with a new album, entitled ‘Sitio y lacería’. As if it were the evolution of a Mudéjar mosaic, the third studio work by this collective from Zaragoza formed by Pablo Jiménez, Thomas House, Jesús Landa and Sergio Segura allows us to broaden our horizons and admire the traces of a vast geometric drawing that is ancestral, familiar, infinite and whose abstract outline persists in the search for the vector. But listen! The rattle of an electric burin seems to run along its atavistic seams, in a polyhedral trot that starts a song…

Welcome. ‘Cofradía’ sounds and a kind of trance rock starts invoking popular enjoyment, telluric and communal ingenuity. From the Monegros to the Maghreb, a dance in a procession links continents, traditions and epochs along the earthy path of that king of music that belongs to no nation. Music of unstoppable pace which, in the hands of Les conches velasques, enchants our senses thanks to their arabesque guitars and laconic use of words.

The rapture and the musical viscerality are beautifully intertwined with accurate texts, which have been taken with devotion (but without reverence) from poets such as Federico García Lorca or Pedro Salinas. Authors who are complemented by the marvellous adaptation of ‘Serena’, an original song by the Pakistani artist Mai Dhai.


One of those records that freezes everything around you
Simon Kirk, Sun 13

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