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It invites us to multiple listenings not to try and solve the mistery, but to enjoy it (…) ROCKDELUX Juan Manuel Freire

Occasionally, we come across talent that shines as much as it resists revelation, a gift that seems to go against its very nature as it challenges what we expect from it. Casadelava is one such case.

Ramon Ayala has roamed the music scene for years, but always in an unoticeable fashion (first as Färo-Dokument, and later under the moniker of Casadelava). He played a few gigs here and there and put out a couple of demos, but all he was really after was some sort of personal catharsis to set free tales that had stuck in his imagination over the years.

His one and only release, the EP ‘Últimas canciones’, results from Ayala’s fascination with the mystical poetry of the Siglo de Oro (The Golden Century, a poetical movent of the 1900s in Spain) and its mixture of spirituality and eroticism. The songs make room for sleazy whispers, bursts of laughter and the nostalgia following it… Because the facts and the confessional backdrop of these pieces are anecdotal. The thing that truly matters here is the verb. This is Ayala’s commitment to truth.



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