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Melodic freshness in wonderful and stimulating songs (…) EL BARREJAT Lutxo

After releasing an idiosyncratic album such as Les hores in 2010 (under the moniker Inot Eratsis), and after twisting and taking Catalan pop to another level, with Ghandi rules OK (with his good friend Oriol Solé), by 2014 Toni Sistaré founded Matoll with Marc Vila. Together they released them first and self-titled album on 2016.

The sound of 90’s guitars (shared by the three members of the group from their youth) can turn that first play in a refreshing dip into the waters of familiar pop songs. And while it is true that this record has a warm feel to it, and one can perceive the rumbling of rehearsal studio, it is also true that it is much more. Each successive play of the disc brings new surprises.

Sistaré has a special knack for melody, freshness, and talent for a brash riff… each of these qualities has been aligned and ordered, so as to make what is (in appearance) the most innocent of songs, along with the most effective and immediate, gradually shed their veneer with each new listen, until we discover—and therein lies its greatest assets—its poetic content.




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