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Inot Eratsis is Toni Sistaré (Ghandi rules OK). For anybody into the DIY approach to music, the mysterious imaginary one is faced with becomes a fascinating challenge. His songs are like little doors that open, each one an entrance to the author’s personality. Once inside, one discovers a sort of violence that has somewhat come to a halt, and uses music to speak.

Immortalized on his one and anly album to date, ‘Les hores’ from 2010, this artist from Igualada works on his songs in a peculiar manner: little ideas that evolve into repetitions, a circle that is completed and that suddenly changes into something new despite being literally the same idea. Loops, rich instrumentation and subtle arrangements shape Inot eratsis’ music in such a way that everything is permanently being constructed only to be dismantled again.

The aim in his music is the creation process in itself. This is the raison d’etre of his beautifully imperfect songs. It is after a few listens that one realises the real sense of this highly introspective piece of work.




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