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An extraordinary band. One of the biggest hidden projects from the Spanish alternative scene (…) EL MUNDO, METRÓPOLI David Saavedra

Alado Sincera are David Berenguer (U-Tòpics, Princess Plan), Oriol Solé (Ghandi Rules OK), David Comas (Quòniams), and Daniel Ardura (Ensaña, Sonio). The band formed in 2001 and have released six albums since. The band’s music is best described as a highly lyrical and sophisticated take on rock.

The nominalization of the adjective ‘winged’ (alado in Spanish, a masculine term) through the epithet ‘sincere’ (sincera in Spanish, an adjective in feminine form) deliberately leads to a grammatical error (in Spanish, the grammatical gender of adjectives followed by nouns must always be in agreement: both must be masculine or feminine). This grammatical twist and its non-semantic imposition clearly reflect what Alado Sincera’s music is about.

Moving away from the progressive pop forms that dominated their first two albums, the band radically changed their approach with their third release, Palimpsesto. Their song structures became more complex, drawing on ever-changing metric and unsolved harmonic progressions. Over their last thre albums, ‘Pacífico’, ‘La misma figuración’ and ‘Explica’, Alado Sincera have been working on the denotative power of a de facto reality, a power they have used to their advantage and have used to transform their songs into tiny multiform compositions that can be interpreted and enjoyed from multiple perspectives.






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