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The nominalization of the adjective ‘winged’ (alado in Spanish, a masculine term) through the epithet ‘sincere’ (sincera in Spanish, an adjective in feminine form) deliberately leads to a grammatical error (in Spanish, the grammatical gender of adjectives followed by nouns must always be in agreement: both must be masculine or feminine). This grammatical twist and its non-semantic imposition are part of Alado Sincera’s music, a band that over the last 15 years or so have been carving a niche for themselves through a very personal, sophisticated lyrical proposal. The band is now releasing their 6th album, and it is easy to see that more than one listen is needed to fully get what they are on about. Because there’s a lot to get from ‘Explica’, especially if we consider that since ‘Pacifico’ (2012) the band have been working on the denotative power of a de facto reality, a power they have used to their advantage and have used to transform their songs into tiny multiform compositions that can be interpreted and enjoyed from multiple perspectives.

Recorded again at Estudios Brazil with Javier Ortiz, it feels like Daniel Ardura, David Berenguer, David Comas, and Oriol Solé set the metric complexity of their music from the very first rehearsal only to end up playing them as simply and direct as possible, stripped off of any pointless, unnecessary gimmick. Their music flows between fear and humor with great ease, and we notice the band flipping in a radical way (sometimes it’s right in your face and other times they do it ever so subtly). But the message they want their songs to convey is integrated within a broader, underlying discourse.

‘Explica’ picks up where ‘La misma figuración’ (2014) left off, although this time around the band delve into the notions of margin and anomaly. Margin is understood as a challenge and anomaly as a sort of possible version of ourselves as we go through life taking decisions. In short: we have a new album out by Alado Sincera and that alone should be put a smile on your face. Theirs music gives you so much you want to live in it. Drawing on Kierkegaard, <you have to find the place from which to observe>.



A unique work, it's in a different league
Marcos Gendre, Zona de obras
A conceptual happening in which it's hard to predict their next move
Luis Moner, Muzikalia
It has the power to absorb the listener
Raúl Julián, Mondosonoro
Impeccable, as brilliant as ever
Juan P. Holguera, Rockdelux
Unfettered freedom
Javier Herrero, La publicidad
Confirming their status as a key band
Alberto García Saleh, La provincia

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