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‘Ven’ is like a postcard sent to someone who is far away. A pop capture, but with a certain blurred landscape, with a deep optical field… A precious work still without any objection to the distortion, to the tearing of guitars, as well as to psychedelia and to the most ethereal effects. Everything, on the edge of progressive dynamics and elaborated developments that start from the most intimate song, from an extremely minimalistic drive.

And right there, in the simplicity, is where the lyricism of Alado sincera’s proposal (and them so special diction when singing in Spanish) is glimpsed. Defining Alado sincera is almost impossible, which is something unusual in debut albums indeed. To be able to speak or to describe this very special band from Igualada, we must think about poetry; in the world of the dream and the abstract.

‘Ven’ is more than a declaration of intentions.‘Ven’ requires unexpected attention, special mention to their lyrics and even several listenings, but the experience is worth: We are before band that is just a miracle today, before a promising project with a unique debut under the arm. An album that without any blush we can describe as beautif


The strong personality shown in these songs hint at a band that is here to stay
Jesús Merino, Supernova pop
100 % Alado Sincera, there's no shortage of talent in these newcomers
Carlota Nelson, Club cultura
A band with very straightforward ideas
José Temes, La netro

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